Online Workshop March 14th 2021 - With Conny Wallström


Good retouching is all about good habits and training your eye to not only see the flaws and improvements, but also how to best approach them.  This not only allows for consistent results, but also raises the overall quality.

A good retoucher does not rely on quick tricks and “magic buttons”, but is instead efficient and focused on the ultimate end-goal they are trying to achieve.  They do this by studying and learning the proper techniques.  While technique is often viewed as a minor part of a successful retouch, without it, you will not understand the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of what happens on your screen while going from the RAW image to the final print or digital output.

Who is Conny?

Conny Wallstrom is a software developer turned graphic designer, turned photographer, turned retoucher, based in Sweden.  After a long and successful career in programming and software development, he became interested in photography as a hobby, and quickly realized that retouching is a vital aspect of creating beautiful images.  He also realized that he hated retouching, with its tedious and repetitive tasks.  This led to him drawing from his software development background in order to design and constantly fine-tune and improve a workflow that allows him to spend as little time as possible retouching, and more time focusing on creating beautiful images.

An admitted perfectionist, he has been known to spend weeks and months testing and refining even the simplest methods and inner-workings to compare results on a pixel-level.  When others refuse to change their ways because this is “what they have always done”, Conny is constantly asking, “How can I make this better?”

Once he realized how useful this could be for others, he set out to design tools that are simple to use regardless of a user’s experience or skill level.  This led to the creation of the first Retouching Toolkit panel, which is designed to add functionality and consistency to Photoshop so that the Conny could focus on the aspects of image creation that he enjoys the most, and let the user not be bogged down by the mundane tasks retouching requires.  Photoshop actions simply could not do what Conny envisioned, so he took matters into his own hands and continues to develop tools designed to improve an artist’s toolkit.

Since becoming interested in graphic design, photography, and (grudgingly) retouching, Conny has gone on to become a leading authority in the industry, working full time at an leading ad agency, consulting for retouching professionals, and providing in-person workshops for companies around the world.  He is proficient in all aspects of a successful photography shoot, including the physical aspects: studio lighting, digital and analog photography, as well as the overarching goals of designing successful advertising campaigns.

Conny is adamant in his belief that, “There are no magic buttons, tricks, or secrets to become a good retoucher! ”All it takes is passion and putting in the hours”, and his goal is to make retouching approachable and efficient, so that technical difficulties never get in the way of your creativity.

Now you have a unique opportunity to take part in an online workshop that Conny has previously only presented to clients in person!  Spend four hours with him as he goes through all the steps needed to take an image from RAW to polished.  Discover new ways to improve your workflow, learning which techniques to use, and which ones to avoid that many other “industry gurus” rely upon.  Also learn tricks and tips that will save you time and energy to use for the more creative aspects of your work!

Course Description and Outline

The workshop will consist of four hours of instruction, that will include three 10 minute breaks.  All members of the workshop are encouraged to use a webcam and microphone, as there will be opportunities for you to ask questions and seek clarification during the event.

Topics will include:


The content of the workshop has been specially designed to be useful to users of all skill-levels.  Even seasoned industry professionals will benefit from the experience!

While this workshop is suited for students of any skill-level, a basic understanding of how to use Photoshop is required, such as paint brush, clone tool, healing tool, layer masks, and adjustment layers. Retouching Toolkit is not required as all techniques will be explained manually.

The workshop will be presented via Zoom, a free online meeting software available on all major platforms.  Prior to the workshop, please ensure that you have Zoom set up and working on your device of choice. Click here to learn more.

Active participation is strongly encouraged!  Interact and ask questions!

The workshop will also be recorded so that you can refer back to it, and work through the steps at your own pace.


Reserve your seat

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