Below you will find our product catalog as well as files that are necessary to ensure the software works properly.

Conny Wallstrom’s Retouching Toolkit

If you are looking to purchase the Retouching Toolkit, go to the product page here.
If you previously purchased the Retouching Toolkit and need to update to the latest version, please log in to your account here.

Conny Wallstrom’s Facebook Powertools

To download the Facebook Powertools, you need to sign up for our newsletter here. The link will be automatically emailed to you.
To upgrade the Facebook Powertools to the latest version, follow the same procedure as a new user. (If you have previously signed up to our newsletter, you will still only receive one newsletter e-mail.)

Adobe Extensions Manager

To install our Photoshop Add-ons you need Adobe Extension Manager installed.

If you use Photoshop CS6, click here to download Adobe Extension Manager CS.
If you use Photoshop CC or Photoshop CC 2014, click here to download Adobe Extension Manager CC.